Fast and Female

Marie Claire flying high
                                                    Shaylynn Loewen (left) with Lindsay Raymond pole walking
                                                                 at the McKellar Better Living Fair
Shaylynn answered 5 questions Pavlina Sudrich asked. Pav, we call her Pav, is a coach in Whitehorse, YK. She skied with the Firth sisters in the far north during their final years of competition. Being an activist and having coached Team Ontario for a couple years, "Pav" knows skiing.
1- How did you end up in the sport of cross country skiing?
  I started skiing at Humphrey school in their ski program in grade two or three, after my older sister did for a couple years before me. I did a little bit   of skiing at home before that, but not much.
  One thing that I clearly remember from learning to ski was not using poles for the first year or so of learning to ski, and when I finally was ready to      use poles it was so exciting!
2- What accomplishments are you most proud of? [these can be sport related- but don't necessarily have to be!]
     I'm proud of how much progress I've made (mostly in the past year) because of my training.
3- What major goals are you working towards right now?
     No major goals, but I want to focus on making my technique the best that I can.
4- If you had 3 tips for people what would they be? [some tricks, tips, or solid pieces of advice you've learnt over the years].
   nothing comes to mind
5- What's something people may not know about you?
  I like to paint