2018 Jackrabbit Report:

Another season of Jackrabbits has come to a close.  We had over 120 kids sign up for the program and over 35 coaches!  That’s a great turnout for sure.  Lots of fun was had almost every week from our group long distance ski (collectively over 600 km), to bush wacking, to crazy hats. 

Thanks to our coaches - they deserve all the accolades we can muster and heaps of awards if we had them; hopefully a heartfelt thanks will suffice.  We are saying a fond adieu to graduating high school coaches, Sara Burns, Mackenzie Elwes, Nate Greer, Reid Istvan, Louis Johnson, Shaylynn Loewen, Audra Nicholson and Nicole Ritchie – all who have provided superb and energetic coaching throughout their high school careers – THANKS!

We are indebted to Kathleen McGill who finds and coordinates Saturday volunteers for non-coaching duties such as making hot chocolate, being that warm smiling face to welcome Jackrabbits back from the trails, BBQ’ing, lighting fires on the trails etc..  The role that Kathleen plays is invaluable to the JR program.

So many parents and others volunteer that there are two many to count; specific mention to Thom Morissey and Sonya Felsman for continuing to support our club through great pictures.
2019 will see my 2nd of a 4 yr term as the head jackrabbit, this being my 1st yr taking over from Graham Poole’s awesome efforts.  I will start in earnest next year looking for a replacement and we will focus on building and strengthening our pool of coaches through skills development and training sessions.
Other ideas are percolating for next year on some small improvements/changes to the program, also building community awareness of what we offer and potentially building the group of skiers.
Our youth and the energy they and parents bring to skiing is a great joy to behold and we are a lucky club to be able to support this.  Enjoy your summer!"
Greg Mason
  • Bunnies: under six years (as young as 3 years old!) and accompanied by a parent.
  • Levels 1,2 & 3: aged 6 to 9, focussed on classic technique. Level 1 must have parental accompaniment.
  • Level 4: introduction to skate skiing techniques.
  • Track Attack - Recreational: aged 10 and older who wish to ski with a group (in skate or classic technique) and are recreational skiers.
  • Racing Rabbits: Georgian Nordic Racing Rabbits - aged 10 - 14 who wish to fine tune skills and train for competition!


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